Symphonies of the Taj

Abhishek Ray – Symphonies of the Taj

Abhishek Ray – Symphonies of the Taj (Music Today, 2011)

This album is intended to evoke some of the grandeur and romantic aura of the Taj Mahal, widely regarded as the “Eternal symbol of Love.” The music is symphonic, and blends Indian sounds along with Arabic and other world influences.

Instruments like sarangi, flute and sitar dominate the sound. The 8 tracks stretch to about 50 minutes, and our picks include the two pieces Taj Bazaar and Streets of Agra.

This CD, composed by Abhishek Ray, is one of twelve albums in the Amazing India Series, targeted at the tourist market.

Author: Madanmohan Rao

Madanmohan Rao is an author and media consultant from Bangalore, and global correspondent for world music and jazz for World Music Central and Jazzuality. He has written over 15 books on media, management and culture, and is research director for YourStory Media. Madan was formerly World Music Editor at Rave magazine and RJ at WorldSpace, and can be followed on Twitter at @MadanRao.

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