Artist Profiles: El Cabrero

El Cabrero

José Domínguez Muñoz, Better known as El Cabrero, was born in Aznalcóllar, Spain on October 19, 1944.

El Cabrero means “the goat herder.” He is one of the most important personalities of Flamenco. El Cabrero has been pinpointed as a social phenomenon as a result of his impact on the most diverse of audiences and his box-office appeal. His genius, charisma, personality and commitment to pure Flamenco cante (without additives) and to the questions which preoccupy society today. Strongly rooted in his art as well as in real life he has never, throughout his extensive career, strayed from his true profession as a goat herder in his native village, in spite of being one of the most sought-after artists in the traditional cante jondo field since 1980.

El Cabrero is a prolific recording artist, as shown by is ample discography he is also an eclectic singer, as shown by the varied styles incorporated in his repertoire. El Cabrero projects his own personality into his singing, yet he respects its primeval form. His voice, brilliant and rough at the same time, knows no falsetto, it is a natural voice which breaks itself to reach the most inaccessible of notes. His inspiration and originality make him a truly unique artist.

El Cabrero is considered as a bastion of traditional forms of Flamenco and a specialist of the most archaic and hermetic song-forms as Solea, Seguiriya, Tonás. But he is also a creative artist who projects his own personality through his singing, yet he respects the primeval forms.

He won the National prize in the genres of Solea and Malagueña.


Así canta El Cabrero (1975)
A Esta Tierra Que Es Mi Madre (Belter, 1976)
Tierras Duras (‎Belter, 1977)
A Paso Lento (Olivo, 1979)
A Mí Me Llaman Cabrero (Olivo, 1980)
Luz De Luna (‎Belter, 1980)
Que Corra De Boca En Boca (1983)
Dale Alas… (Doblon, 1983)
Le Sigo Cantando A Huelva – Antología Del Fandango de Huelva 2ª Parte ‎(Coliseum, 1985)
Encina y Cobre (Coliseum, 1988)
De la Cuadra a la Carbonería (1991)
Sin remache (1996)
Como el viento de poniente (1996)
Un Diálogo Sin Artificios (Flamenco & Duende, 1998)
Por los caminos del viento (2008)
Pastor De Nubes ‎(Atípicos y Utópicos, 2011)
Ni rienda ni jierro encima (2018)

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