Mayan Cumbia Reggae

Doctor Nativo – Guatemaya

Doctor Nativo – Guatemaya (Stonetree Music, 2018)

Doctor Nativo is the artistic name of Guatemalan vocalist, songwriter and world traveler Juan Martinez. His music is inspired by Guatemalan folk music and spirituality and the steady, hip-shaking dance beats of Afro-Caribbean cumbia reggae.

Stylistically, Doctor Nativo delivers songs similar to the mestizo sounds of Manu Chao and Che Sudaka with a tropical Guatemalan flavor. He has also introduced Mayan-language rapping in two songs.

The lineup includes Doctor Nativo on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, and sound effects; Danilo Rodriguez on marimba, trombone, bass, cuatro, charango, harp, chirimilla, and backing vocals; Ivan Duran on electric guitar and bass; Guayo Cedeño on lead electric guitar; Carles Estruch on sousaphone; Sebas Sax on saxophone; Chela Torres on backing vocals; Rosa Bermudez on backing vocals; José López on backing vocals; Joshua Arana on Garifuna drum & maracas; Eli Levinson on samples and programming; Eduardo Santella on drums; Tzutu Kan on Maya rap vocals; El 20 and Zion M.C.H.E on rap vocals; Al Ovando on Maya guitar; and Juan Chacaj on shirin.

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Author: Angel Romero

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