Artist Profiles: Sameer Makhoul

Sameer Makhoul & Itamar Doari

Composer, musician and singer Sameer Makhoul was born in Peki’in in Galilee, a village renowned for its poets. Sameer Makhoul cornes from a family of musicians and poets whose roots in the village reach back for generations, and was profoundly influenced by the cultural environment in which he grew up.

He believes that the village springs, the olive trees of his forefathers and the green citrus groves were the sources which gave him life and the strength, even as a child, to study and create music on the ud and the violin. A further vital source of support and encouragement was his elder brother, the poet and musician Makhoul Makhoul.

Sameer Makhoul is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music, where he studied under the internationally famous ud player, Taiseer Elias. He has appeared, both as a soloist and as a member of the choir, with the Andalusian Muwashahat Orchestra (Tarshiha) and in many oilier ensembles.

Makhoul has participated in study workshops in France, and, as an ud-player, has represented Palestine at the Dresden Lute Festival in Germany.

He teaches ud, violin and Arab music theory at the School of Ethnic Music at Bar Ilan University and at the Center for Oriental Music in Jerusalem. He is also musical director of the Arab-Jewish orchestra at Jorel al-Enab music center in the Hinom Valley in Jerusalem.


Athar (Magda, 2004)

Author: Angel Romero

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