Artist Profiles: Kevin Crehan

Kevin Crehan

Although Junior Crehan’s original tunes are played by many in sessions around the world, Kevin Crehan is his only direct descendant to be playing the fiddle. Kevin has recorded a number of his grandfather’s tunes and presents them in a very special performance that honors Junior and his contemporaries who kept traditional music alive in Ireland through trying times.

Kevin is the seventh generation of musician in his family. Born in Ireland, he was raised in Co. Wexford listening to the music of his father, the Clare concertina player, Tony Crehan. Through his father and his grandparents. Junior and Cissie Crehan, he had access to the rich hinterland of traditional Irish culture in West Clare.

He had been studying and learning traditional Irish music since the age of 7, but now has dedicated his efforts to the West Clare fiddle style and recording and cataloguing many of the aspects of rural life which contributed to the culture and shaped the music.

Kevin is an award winning fiddle player, and has performed in festivals and concerts throughout Ireland and The United States. Some have described him as a modern day Seanchaf (storyteller), rich in the folklore, history and music of a bygone era that was alive with imagination and creativity. Today that era still incites our imaginations through Kevin Crehan as he remembers and shares the magic of Ireland with his music, story and song.


An Bhábóg sa Bhádóg – Music from West Clare

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