Artist Profiles: Kala Ramnath

Kala Ramnath

Kala Ramnath is one of the finest violin players in indie. She was born into a family of great musical talent, which has given Indian music violin legends such as Prof. T.N. Krishnan and Dr. N. Rajam. Kala’s skill with the violin manifested itself from childhood under the watchful tutelage of her grandfather Vidwan Narayan Iyer. At the same time, she received training from her aunt Dr. Smt. N. Rajam. For many years, Kala’s musical talent has been nurtured and enriched by Mewati vocal maestro, Pandit Jasraj.

Absorbing all these influences Kala has successfully developed a style of playing that is truly unique, and has played a huge part in bringing violin into the mainstream of Indian classical music


Singing Violin (Neelam Audio & Video, 1997)
Gifted Violinist (Biswas Records, 2000)
Touching Air (Sense World Music, 2002)
Kala (Sense World Music, 2005)
Nectar (Sense World Music, 2006)
Drive East (Sense World Music, 2006)
The Divine Wheel (Sense World Music, 2008)
Samaya (Sense World Music, 2008)
Elements (Earth Brother Music, 2011)

Author: Angel Romero

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Angel has also produced and remastered world music studio albums and compilations for labels such as Alula Records, Ellipsis Arts, and Music of the World.


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