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Gema y Pável

Gema y Pável was a contemporary Cuban duo whose music was as influenced by the Beatles, Nueva Trova, Chick Corea, Caetano Veloso and the Argentine singer Fito Páez. Gema Corredera and Pável Urkiza got their start singing in the streets of Havana, and added their sense of street smarts to their appreciation of Cuban trovas and boleros, the Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Yoruba, and modern rock music. The months and years of paying their dues resulted in the creation of a new style of urban Cuban music, full of rhythm and subtlety, light-hearted in sound and serious in intent.

Pável Urkiza graduated from the University of Havana with a degree in Industrial Economics in July of 1987. He studied music at the “Ignacio Cervantes” conservatory, even though most of his musical background is self taught. For several years he was the music supervisor for the Teatro Estudio theater group. He has composed music for theater, movies and TV.

Gema María Corredera Saborit graduated with a guitar degree from the Escuela Nacional de Música in Havana (July 1982) and has a musicology master’s degree from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana (July 1987). She has sung with various vocal acts as a backup singer and as soloist. She has performed pieces for theater, movies and TV. Gema also received several awards for her performances.

In 1992, Gema y Pavel landed in Spain as part of the Teatro Estudio de Cuba theater company.During this tour they were introduced as a duo to Spanish audiences. A year later they returned to Spain to settle there and focus on their work as a duo. During the following years, in addition to performing at numerous venues and festivals, they developed their careers as performers and producers. They recorded music for films and have collaborated with other artists such as Ketama, Pedro Guerra and La Unión.

The duo disbanded in 2011.


Trampas del tiempo (Nubenegra, 1995)
Cosa de broma (Nubenegra, 1996)
Síntomas de fe (Manzana, 1999)
Art bembé (El Europeo, 2003)
La fiesta de la ardilla (Tierra, 2008)
Desnudos (Tierra, 2009)
Ofrenda a Borinquén (Imolé, 2010)

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