Artist Profiles: Sebastião Tapajós

Sebastião Tapajós

Sebastião Tapajós was baptized with Amazon water. He was born in 1944 on his Father’s boat, close to the town of Santarem, where the Rio Tapajós flows into the Amazon. Very early he started playing Choros and Boleros on the guitar. Later he was trained in classical guitar playing in the conservatories of Belem and Rio.

In 1964 Tapajós traveled to Lisbon (Portugal) to continue his studies, and from there he went to Madrid (Spain), studying with Emilio Pujol. During that period he started to perform throughout Europe.

Tapajós returned to Brazil, residing in Belem first and later in Rio de Janeiro. In Rio his classical studies mingled with the influences of the Música Popular, the Samba and the Bossa Nova. Since 1973 he’s toured Europe and Japan several times, appearing in TV shows and receiving the German Critics Award for his lifetime achievements as a musician. As a composer and arranger he participated in many Brazilian productions and he recorded more than 30 albums during the years. Sebastião Tapajós is known in Europe as one of the greatest living Brazilian Guitarists


Apresentando Sebastião Tapajós e Seu Conjunto (1963)
O Violão e…Tapajós (1968)
Sebastiao Tapajos + Pedro dos Santos (1972)
Guitarra Fantástica (1976)
Violão & Amigos (1979)
Guitarra Criolla (1982)
Zimbo Convida Sebastião Tapajós (1982)
Maurício Einhorn & Sebastião Tapajós (1984)
Visões Do Nordeste (1986)
Painel (1986)
Villa-Lobos (1987)
Lado a Lado, with Gilson Peranzzetta (1988)
Terra Brasis (1989)
Brasilidade, with João Cortez (1989)
Reflections, with Gilson Peranzzetta (1990)
Instrumental No Ccbb, with Gilson Peranzzetta, Maurício Einhorn and Paulinho Nogueira (1993)
Amazônia Brasileira, with Nilson Chaves (1997)
Ontem e Sempre (1997)
Afinidades, with Gilson Peranzzetta (1997)
Da Minha Terra, with Jane Duboc (1998)
Acorde Violão (2001)
Do Meu Gosto (2001)
Solos do Brasil (2001)
Choros e Valsas do Pará (2002)
Cristina Caetano interpreta Sebastião Tapajós & Parceiros (2010)
Tempo de Espera (2010)
Conversa de Violões, with Sérgio Abalos (2011)
Cordas do Tapajós, with Sérgio Abalos (2011)
Suíte das Amazonas – (2012)
Painel (Remasterização) (2012)
Da Lapa ao Mascote (2013)
Aos da Guitarrada (2013)
Violões do Pará, with Salomão Habib (2014)

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