Clarice & Sergio Assad’s Exquisite Guitar and Vocals

Clarice & Sergio Assad - Reliquia
Clarice & Sergio Assad – Reliquia

Clarice & Sergio Assad – Reliquia (Adventure Music, 2016)

An album by one of the great musical families of Brazil. Reliquia showcases the talent of one of the great musical families of Brazil, the Assads. Sergio Assad is one of the finest guitarists from Brazil. His daughter Clarice is an equally talented vocalist.

On Reliquia, the duo perform a splendid set of musical pieces where Brazilian roots music is intertwined with jazz. Clarice’s style includes songs in Portuguese as well as jazz-style wordless vocals. Sergio plays exquisite guitar, ranging from delicate passages to dazzling fast finger work. On some of the cuts, Clarice and Sergio are joined by guest musicians.

The lineup on Reliquia includes Clarice Assad on vocals and piano; Sergio Assad on guitar and vocals; Derek Bermel on clarinet; Mike Marshall on mandolin; Keita Ogawa on percussion; Yasushi Nakamura on acoustic bass; Angela Olinto on vocals.

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