Roma Music Celebrated at WOMEX 2015 Opening in Budapest

Romengo and Mónika Lakatos
Romengo and Mónika Lakatos

The WOMEX 2015 opening gala took place this evening at Müpa Budapest. Roma (Gypsy) music was honored with a selection of fine performers from the Carpathian Basin.

The musicians were Attila Oláh, Romengo and Mónika Lakatos, Tcha Limberger, Bea Palya, Ferenc Radics, along with István Pál Szalonna, and his all-star virtuoso ensemble.

We, world music lovers, love not just the music, but the stories that come along with the rhythms and melodies. The Roma Opening tells a fascinating story of different Gypsy communities of the Carpathian Region that lived together with Hungarians and their neighbors for centuries and slowly, through mutual respect of the others’ music, their cultures became a part of each other’s,” said local WOMEX partner Balazs Weyer, Hangvető’s Director of Programming.

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 22, the WOMEX Conference, Film Screenings and Trade Fair will begin at daytime venue Bálna.

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