Global Club Music Network Releases WOMEX 14 Re:mixes

WOMEX 14 Re:mixes
WOMEX 14 Re:mixes
The Global Club Music Network (GCMN) and WOMEX have just released WOMEX 14 Re:mixes by GCMN. The album includes songs from eight WOMEX 2014 showcase artists that have been remixed by members of the GCMN.

DJ and producer Kosta Kostov together with Miriam L. Brenner and the whole
GCMN team acknowledged the core rhythm and instrumentation of each song while adding certain elements according to their own interpretation.

The Global Music Network (GCMN) is a worldwide collective of professionals committed to presenting forms of (live) electronic dance music, rooted within the rich sounds of the globe.

Compilation tracks:

– Oum – Lik (Mashti & Polyesta Remix)
– La Chiva Gantiva – Para Arriba (David Miret Remix)
– Korrontzi – Sardos-K (Makala Remix)
– La Yegros – Solo (Kosta Kostov Remix)
– Calima – Minué (Gnotes & Canyonazo Remix)
– Otava Yo – Kamarinskaya (Boris Viande Celtic Remix)
– Noreum Machi – Noreummachi Sinawi (Sound Culture’s Future Rootz
– Sékouba Bambino – Tanamako (Baru Remix)

Listen online now:

For more information, visit Global Club Music Network’s
Facebook page:

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One thought on “Global Club Music Network Releases WOMEX 14 Re:mixes”

  1. Thanks for sharing the compilation WMC!
    The Re:mixes album has been in the works for a while and always a fun challenge to match the right producers to the original tracks.
    If anybody would like the full tracks for radio or DJing, and the full press release with the stories behind the songs, please contact us at globalclubmusic AT

    Hoping great things came from these artists’ showcases in Santiago de Compostela!

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