Music Expo Porto Musical 2015 Reveals First Artists

Cumbia All Stars (Peru)
Cumbia All Stars (Peru) – Photo by Guillermo Vilcherrez


Porto Musical, a music showcase and technology conference, has announced the names of the first artists selected to perform at the influential showcase. Porto Musical 2015 will take place in Recife, Brazil, February 4-7, 2015, the week before the thrilling Brazilian Northeastern Carnival. The organizers invite music professionals to join them for four days of conferences, professional networking and a lively showcase festival.

In six editions, Porto Musical has become an essential gateway to the Brazilian music market and other key markets in South America. The 2015 night-time showcase program will present leading artists and DJs from the thriving local and national scenes, as well as artists from outside Brazil. The festival is open to the general public.

Artists selected for showcase program:

– O Terno (Brazil – São Paulo)
– Saulo Duarte E A Unidade (Brazil – Pará)
– Samba De Coco Irmaes Lopes (Brazil – Pernambuco)
– The Baggios (Brazil – Sergipe)
– Juliano Holanda (Brazil – Pernambuco)
– Sistema Criolina (Brazil – Distrito Federal)
– Vieira De Seu Conjunto (Brazil – Pará)
– Ska Maria Pastora (Brazil – Pernambuco)
– Felix Robato (Brazil, Pará)
– Cumbia All Stars (Peru)
– Dj Dolores (Brazil – Pernambuco)
– Marcelo Jeneci (Brazil – São Paulo)
– Lirinha (Brazil – Pernambuco)
– Anelis Assumpçao (Brazil – São Paulo)
– Radiola Serra Alta (Brazi – Pernambuco)
– Analog Afrika (Dj Set) (Germany)
– El Hijo De La Cumbia (Argentina)
– Mungo’s Hi Fi (England)
– Jus Now (England)

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