Suma Flamenca 2014 to Reach Vallecas and La Cabrera

Ana Ramirez 'La Yiya' - Foto de Pepe Lamarca
Ana Ramirez ‘La Yiya’ – Photo by Pepe Lamarca

On Saturday night two flamenco song concerts will be held in Madrid. The first one, performed by Ana Ramirez ‘La Yiya’, is the fruit of a laborious selection of repertoire that blends tradition and renewal. It includes eight first class songs that represent the main styles of flamenco. The premiere of Morisca will take place at the Pilar Miró Cultural Center in the flamenco-infused blue collar neighborhood of Vallecas, on Saturday, June 14 at 20.

Ricardo Fernandez del Moral
Ricardo Fernandez del Moral

That same day, at 21:00, the Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Cardenal Gonzaga (Regional Center for the Humanities Cardinal Gonzaga) in La Cabrera, will host the winner of five first as well as the Lámpara Minera, at the famed Festival del Cante de Las Minas de La Unión. Ricardo Fernandez del Moral will present his first album Yo solo where the singer accompanies himself on guitar. This peculiarity is as old as flamenco itself but at the present time, it is something unusual due to the complexity of the current style of flamenco guitar accompaniment.

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