Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy Release The Moral Of The Elephant

Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy - The Moral of the Elephant
Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy – The Moral of the Elephant
The Moral of the Elephant (Topic Records) is the title of the new album by the prominent father and daughter English folk duo Martin Carthy & Eliza Carthy.

Produced by Eliza, Martin and Oliver Knight, this album picks up the essence of a continuing singing and performing family tradition.

The songs featured include rearrangements of traditional pieces ‘Her Servant Man’, the ‘Grand Conversation On Napoleon’, ‘Bonny Moorhen’; re-interpretations of the more modern ‘Happiness’ and Michael Marra’s ‘Monkey Hair’ as well as a new Eliza Carthy composition set to the poetry of John Godfrey Saxe – ‘The Elephant’. There is also a tribute to Mike Waterson, using his unique arrangement of ‘Died For Love’ to close the album.

Track Listing

1. Her Servant Man 04:18
2. Happiness 04:18
3. Blackwell Merry Night 05:20
4. Queen Caraboo 03:08
5. Grand Conversation On Napoleon 05:41
6. The Elephant 06:33
7. Waking Dreams (Awake, Awake) 03:53
8. Bonny Moorhen 04:54
9. The Queen Of Hearts 03:05
10. Monkey Hair 04:01
11. Died For Love 04:36

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