Paco de Lucia, The Fourth Dimension

Paco de Lucia
Paco de Lucia
I’m writing under the effect of the tremendous blow of unexpected deaths. I repeat to myself “Paco has died” and I can’t understand what I’m saying. The brain and the fingers that have stopped are those of a demigod who, keeping with infinite pride his independence and freedom, raised our music, flamenco, to the fourth dimension of grand music. And he did it without giving in, without giving an inch to the high and mighty and the ephemeral big shots, without owing anything to anyone, injecting conscience, self-esteem, pride, and enough strength in young flamenco performers to free themselves from the submission to sales and festivities, from the grey arts culture in which they played the role of buffoon until then.

He opened the door ta closed home, confronted storms and demons. Like Ulysses, he made a dangerous voyage so that the rest of us could also do it. He saved us. And now, a lightning bolt got him at the seashore. Where else would Paco die? Paco, I don’t know what to say. Greatness. Greatness. Greatness.”

Gerardo Núñez

[Editor’s note. Gerardo Núñez is one of the leading guitarists of the post-Paco de Lucia generation]

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