World Music Encounters in Havana

Havana_World_MusicContributed by Katia Pupo Campoalegre

As part of the Para Mestizar programming, Havana World Music is the new event open in the Cuban capital. Curated by M Alfonso, this world music festival will take place February 7-8, 2014 at 17:00 (5:00pm) at Círculo Social “José Antonio Echevarría”.

Concerts by leading national and international acts will be the main course of this event. There will be 7 bands per day along with other parallel activities that will incorporate other artistic expressions.

The lineup includes Cuban acts Los Van Van, X Alfonso, Síntesis, M Alfonso, William Vivanco, and Deja Vu along with Fuel Fandango (Spain), La Mákina del Karibe (Colombia), Thea Hjelmeland (Norway) and DJs: Auntie Flo (UK), Djoy (Cuba) and Pauza (Cuba).

Carlos Alfonso, artistic director of Havana World Music and Síntesis bandleader, highlighted at a press conference the importance of this event, which is of special interest to youth since it presents an alternative musical event in Havana’s musical spectrum.

These first Havana World Music explorations will be collected in an audiovisual format directed by young videographer Joseph Ross, who stood out in the 2012 edition of Lucas with the video ‘Mi inspiración’ starring M Alfonso.

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Translated and edited by Angel Romero

Author: Cubarte


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