Hip Deep Ghana – Music of the North and South Video

Ebo Taylor
Ebo Taylor
A new mini-documentary produced by Afropop Worldwide, titled “Hip Deep Ghana- Music of the North and South” is now available. The video expands on the two part radio documentary about the history and present of music in Ghana that Afropop released last year.

The video includes footage of a folkloric group playing the music from northern Ghana and Afro-Funk star Ebo Taylor performing acoustic music with his children at his home in Ghana. The focus of the documentary is how highlife turned into Afro-funk.

Ebo Taylor’s discography includes Twer Nyame (1977), Ebo Taylor (1977), Me Kra Tsie (1979), Conflict (1980), Hitsville Re-Visited (1982), Abenkwan Puchaa (2009), Love And Death (2010), Life Stories: Best of Ebo Taylor 1973-80 (2012) and Appia Kwa Bridge (2012).

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