Best World Music Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll

World Music Central presents its 2013 Readers’ Poll for Best World Music album.

You can vote multiple choices and voting is allowed once a day.

Please vote quality rather than name recognition. If you think that we have left out a significant album, send us an email or write a comment.

Results will be made public at the end of 2013.

[Editor’s note. This poll is now closed. For final results, read Final Results for Best World Music Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll

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95 thoughts on “Best World Music Album of 2013 Readers’ Poll”

  1. Hi everybody!!

    Just wanted to stop by and say a big “THANKS” to all the wonderful people who are supporting this race 😉

    Wishing you a Merry Xmass and a 2014 full of energy and good luck!!
    Take care folks!! Bye Amir

  2. Techung brings out one of the best Tibetan music to date. His music range from traditional folk music of Tibet to the light contemporary music. If one wants to hear sound of Tibet, Techung is definitely the one.

  3. Listen to the album “Fado and Piano”, (Maria Ana Bobone), the best album of 2013, no doubt.

  4. Techung “lam la Che” fusion musical production enjoy the greatest admiration through out world. His work deserves best award.

  5. Dear viewers and music lovers, check out GONDWANA DAWN, world music bringing together Indian and African music by international artists and grammy award winners.

  6. You forgot to include two top notch releases from Polish artists: Warsaw Village Band with CD – “Nord” and Janusz Prusinowski Trio with “Knee-Deep in Heaven”

  7. Esto es “un timo” porque por medios informáticos se pueden dar cientos de votos de una sola vez. No tiene ninguna validez ni calidad las respuestas sean las que sean porque están manipuladas.

  8. Big manipulation. Result is nothing worth. It is a shame to see how people betray to win. The owner of this page should see this and do anything. How can it be possible that the first two had received sometimes more than 5000 votes in one night. Ridiculous.

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