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Vishtèn - Mosaïk
Vishtèn – Mosaïk

Mosaïk (2012)

Canadian trio Vishtèn presents a wonderful mix of traditional music from francophone Canada and the Celtic sounds of Irish and Scottish origin. Vishtèn are multi-instrumentalists from Prince Edward Island and Quebec’s Magdalen Islands.

The selection on Mosaïk includes traditional French-language Acadian songs with vibrant foot tapping percussion and jaw harps; original instrumentals with whistles, mandolin, accordion and bass synthesizer, deeply inspired by contemporary Irish folk music; and even some folk songs influenced by folk music south of the border.

“In all aspects of culture, we Acadians have felt a real revival, a renaissance more intensely the past decade,” notes Vishtèn’s whistle player, pianist, percussionist, and vocalist Emmanuelle LeBlanc. “There’s a big buzz for Acadians across the Francophone areas of Canada and in many countries around the world. It’s exciting, and we’re one of the only bands touring with this traditional music.”

The line-up includes Emmanuelle LeBlanc, her accordionist, dancer and singer twin sister Pastelle LeBlanc; and fiddler, mandolin player, and guitarist Pascal Miousse.

“Sometimes, a song isn’t quite ready and you just don’t know if it’s ready or not until you’re in the studio,” recollects Pastelle. “Most of the material on Mosaïk was ready, but there were a few songs that we had never played live. We got to try out new things, new ideas in the studio, and be open to going outside our box.”

Mosaïk is a splendid album by one of the finest acts in the Acadian folk music renaissance. It won the Francophone Recording of the Year at the East Coast Music Awards in Halifax.

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