Mundofonías World Music Radio Multiplies its Global Reach

Araceli Tzigane and Juan Antonio Vazquez, producers of Mundofonias
Araceli Tzigane and Juan Antonio Vazquez, producers of Mundofonias
Mundofonías, the Madrid–based world music radio show hosted by Juan Antonio Vazquez and Araceli Tzigane, propelled by Asociación Cultural Mapamundi Música, has multiplied its international scope in this new season. The show was broadcast on 11 stations in four countries in Europe and the American continent and has now added 7 more, making it a total of 18 stations that broadcast Mundofonías every week, doubling the number of countries from which the listeners can access the show: Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, and the new additions of Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and Puerto Rico.

Mundofonías was born in 2009 at Radio Exterior which is part of Radio Nacional de España (RNE), as a continuation of the Mapamundi show that the producers had been airing for years. With the changes in RNE management, Mundofonías left the Radio Exterior airwaves last year, but continued its programming as an independent production, thanks to the unanimous requests of all stations that were rebroadcasting the program.

Mundofonías is currently heard at the following stations: Radio Universidad de Guanajuato, Radio UNAM, UABC Radio, and Radio Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (México), in México; Ràdio País in France; in Berlin; Rádio Filispim in Ferrol, Rádio Klara in Valencia, TTRadio online radio in Torrevieja, and Cuenca Radio Kolor free radio in Spain; Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico; Radio Universidad de Atacama in Chile; Radio París La Paz in Bolivia; and Radio Artigas in Uruguay. The show is also broadcast through online platforms like RCFM and Groovalización Radio.

Mundofonías policy is to provide the program free of charge to non-profit stations, including free radio, community stations, cultural radio, academic, etc. This way it has become one of the world music radio programs with wider global reach, with a total of 18 stations across the planet.

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