Timeless Musical Beauty Rooted In Irish Traditions

Clannad - Nádúr
Clannad – Nádúr

Nádúr (ARC Music label EUCD 2471, 2013)

Clannad, the masters of ethereal Celtic folk music have released Nádúr, their eagerly awaited studio album this month. The popular Irish family band has mesmerized international audiences for many years with its fabulous mix of Irish traditional music, ethereal harmonies, the unmistakable lead vocals of Moya Brenan, harps and electronic keyboards.

The current incarnation of the band includes the original lineup of siblings Moya, Ciarán and Pól Brennan and their twin uncles Noel and Pádraig Duggan. Nádúr is the first studio album since 1989’s Past Present. Earlier this year, Clannad released a live recording on CD and DVD: Clannad – Christ Church Cathedral (ARC Music EUCD2441).

Clannad carried out an extensive tour across North America and Europe prior to entering the recording studio. This experience allowed the musicians to develop the ideas forNádúr. “The fact that we’d toured quite extensively in the months leading up to recording really had an effect on the album,” says Moya Brennan. “Playing live across various countries gave us a really good indication of not just what we wanted from a new album but also what the audience out there wanted to hear. We feel this record touches on every aspect of our forty year career. Every
track is different yet every track is pure Clannad

The album features vocals in Irish (Gaelic), English, and even Spanish on the song ‘A Quiet Town’. Highlights include the beautiful a cappella piece “Turas Dhómhsa chon na Galldachd” that includes a guest appearance by Alan Bailey on bagpipes; ‘’Brave Enough,’ a seductive English language song with layered vocals that features Northern Irish musician Duke Special and is destined to become an instant classic; the Americana-influenced ‘The Fishing Blues’ about the troubles of the Irish fishing industry; the delicate instrumental harp and flute piece ‘Lámh ar Lámh’; the outstanding upbeat Gaelic song ‘Tobar an tSaoil’ which is pure trad-rooted Clannad; the exquisite ‘The Song in your Heart’ that features more superb vocals and a combination of harp and symphonic keyboards; the fine vocal and guitar work in Hymn (To Her Love); and the traditional exquisiteness of ‘Cití na gCumann.’

The talented lineup includes Moya Brennan on vocals, harp; Ciarán Brennan on bass, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, vocals; Noel Duggan on guitar, vocals; Pádraig Duggan on guitar, mandola, mandolin, vocals; and Pól Brennan on flute, guitar, percussion, whistles, vocals.

Guest musicians featured are: Ged Lynch on drums, percussion; Steve Turner on keyboards; Duke Special on vocals; Steve Cooney on guitar; Eamon Murray on harmonica; Alan Bailey on bagpipes; Aisling Jarvis on bouzouki; Leon Brennan on chanting; and Eamon Curley on bones.

With Nádúr, legendary Irish band Clannad returns with a stunning recording of timeless musical beauty rooted in Irish traditions.

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