Catriona McKay & Olov Johansson to Release The Auld Harp

Catriona McKay and Olov Johansson - The Auld Harp
Catriona McKay and Olov Johansson – The Auld Harp
Two leading harp players, Catriona McKay (Scottish harp) and Olov Johansson (Swedish nyckelharpa) are set to release a new collaboration titled The Auld Harp (Olov Johansson Musik). The album will be available August 12, 2013 in the UK.

Catriona and Olov first met in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2002 to share a concert with their bands, Vasen and Fiddlers’ Bid. Backstage Catriona asked Olov “Do you know this one?” and played Eric Sahlström’s ‘Spelmansglädje’, the most played nyckelharpa piece. At that time, a musical bond was formed during that first improvised session.

Catriona is a member of Fiddlers’ Bid and one of the finest Celtic harpists. Olov is a member of groundbreaking Swedish folk group Vasen.

Since first working together in 2002, Catriona and Olov have collaborated in the Celtic Connections 2007 concert Fiddler’s Bid International, on Olov’s solo album ‘I lust och Glod‘ and on Catriona’s dazzling Floe project.

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