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Boris Savoldelli - Insanology
Boris Savoldelli – Insanology
Insanology (MoonJune Records, 2008) and Biocosmopolitan (MoonJune Records, 2011) by Boris Savoldelli

Italian vocalist Boris Savoldelli is one of those musical wonders who can do amazing things with his voice. In addition to his lead vocals, Savoldelli uses pedals and other electronic effects devices to create vocal harmonies, looped human beatbox percussion and other vocal parts. He has two sides to his music, a melodic and more accessible side which he calls his ‘light side,’ and a darker, more experimental side. In this case we are discussing his two ‘light’ albums.

Insanology was the debut album by Boris Savoldelli. This independent recording was originally released and distributed in Italy by BFT Records. Insanology presented the artistic ability of Salvadolli for the first time. He meticulously combined overdubbed vocals with human beatbox effects, jazz, soul and circular songs inspired by Bobby McFerrin as well as traces of Italian, pop and classical music. It was primarily a solo effort, even though two tracks feature guitarist Marc Ribot.

Most of the material on Insanology was composed by Salvofelli, except for the Jimi Hendrix piece titled ‘Crosstown Traffic’ and ‘In the Seventh Year’ by Mark Murphy and Uli Rennert. Vocals are in English and Italian.

Biocosmopolitan, released in 2011, reveals an even more exciting vocal cocktail. This time, Boris Savoldelli adds even more exquisite layers of harmonies, looped vocal beats, and lead vocals. He also added more musicians, including rising trumpet virtuoso Paolo Fresu and renowned fusion bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets; Allan Holdsworth; Holdsworth / Pasqua / Haslip / Wackerman).

Boris Savoldelli - Biocosmopolitan
Boris Savoldelli – Biocosmopolitan
Biocosmopolitan has more a world music feel, with South African Isicathamiya choral music, Italian music, jazz, soul, pop as well good humor in some of the lyrics. The bonus track Crosstown Traffic has an experimental feel, where vocal music meets industrial electronica.

On Insanology and Biocosmopolitan, composer, singer and innovator Boris Savoldelli takes the human voice to uncharted territory. It’s music that is groundbreaking, yet engaging at the same time.

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