11th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days to Be Held in October 2012

The 11th Annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days will take place October 1-31, 2012. The global initiative brings together musicians and artists from various countries who will be calling for tolerance and a commitment to our common humanity.

Musicians of all genres are invited to participate in this global program, sponsored by the Daniel Pearl Foundation, by simply making a dedication to “Harmony for Humanity” from the stage or in a printed program. Artists register their performances at www.danielpearlmusicdays.org where they create an Artist Profile page with information, photos and links to their designated websites.

In 2011, there were more than 2,000 events in 83 countries, contributing to a total of nearly 10,000 performances worldwide since 2002. Cellist and composer Yo-Yo Ma is a member of the Honorary Committee along with Barbra Streisand, Herbie Hancock, Itzhak Perlman, and pop singer Elton John, among other distinguished musicians.

The inspiration for World Music Days comes from journalist and musician Daniel Pearl, the former Wall Street Journal South Asia Bureau Chief who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan shortly after 9/11. Danny had used his pen and violin to connect people and spread friendship through journalism and music wherever he traveled. Since October 2002, musicians have rallied annually during Danny’s birthday month to commemorate his life’s work and use music to unite people around their common humanity.

World Music Days perfectly counters the flames that are currently raging around our planet,” said Judea Pearl. “Join the spirit of our son in ringing the world with a call for sanity and humanity.” Danny’s mother Ruth called on musicians “to use the power of music to transcend differences and inspire unity” by taking part in the global concerts “to empower their audiences with a commitment toward peace and harmony. If everyone joins in working for a better world, it will come to be,” she said.

World Music Days promotes the goals of the Daniel Pearl Foundation to bridge cultural divides in the spirit of Danny’s love for music and commitment to dialogue,” said Narda Zacchino, executive director of the foundation. “We call on musicians to further Danny’s legacy.”

The Daniel Pearl Foundation was created in 2002 to promote the ideals that inspired the life and work of Daniel Pearl. The Foundation works domestically and internationally to foster cross-cultural dialogue and understanding, to counter cultural and religious intolerance, to cultivate responsible and balanced journalism, and to inspire unity and friendship through music.

For more information, visit www.danielpearl.org.

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