Stockholm Lisboa Project Releases Aurora

Stockholm Lisboa Project – Aurora
Stockholm Lisboa Project describes its music as “fado, polska and beyond”. Aurora is the band’s third full-length studio album. Stockholm Lisboa Project performs traditional and contemporary music from Sweden and Portugal as well as new compositions.

The Swedish polska and Nordic melancholy meets passionate fado and folk songs from Portugal. The lyrics are often about broken love, longing for friends who sailed on the Atlantic and dreams about the future. New member of the Stockholm Lisboa Project since 2011 is Portuguese singer Micaela Vaz, who has a warm alto voice.

Since its International breakthrough with the album Diagonal (2009), Stockholm Lisboa Project is currently one of the most booked folk/world music groups in Sweden. International recognitions include among others the reputable German Record Critics’ Award, Die Schallplatte Kritik.

Aurora means dawn in Portuguese. Fado is a Portuguese singing style, which belongs to the night and ceases when Aurora arrives, just before dawn. Aurora is also a common female name in Portugal.

Tu Gitana is a ballad about how Gypsies’ divination will bring happiness or unhappiness. Björkhalling, by Simon Stålspets, is inspired by the Swedish countryside, Senhora do Almurtão is a pagan a capella song. Senhora Maria mixes blues harmonica riffs with medieval string rhythm. En tu Puerta (Portugal)/Havet Stormar (Sweden) is a song about the sea that has always existed near humanity.

Next concerts:

1 dec, Mértola, Portugal
30 nov, Castelo Branco, Portugal
29 nov, National Radio “live”, Portugal
24 nov, Gouveia, Portugal
23 nov, Paredes de Coura, Portugal

6 oct, Rödermark, Germany
5 oct, Stuhr, Germany
4 oct, Martfeld, Germany
3 oct, Oderaue, Germany

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