Beselch Rodríguez to present First Electric Timple

Beselch Rodríguez with the electric timple
Timple virtuoso Beselch Rodríguez will be presenting the first electric timple at Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz de Tenerife on May 30, which is Canary Islands Day. The timple is a small guitar found in the Canary Islands (Spain). It derived from the guitarrillo found in the Spanish mainland and is similar to the Portuguese cavaquinho, which is the ancestor of the Hawaiian ukulele.

Musical guests scheduled to perform are Chago Melián and Elena González. Beselch Rodríguez’s band includes Akior García, Carlos Perdomo, Julio González, Marco del Castillo, Pablo Díaz and Francis Hernández. Beselch Rodríguez will perform pieces form his latest album titled Hábitat.

The electric timple was made in the United States. Its tuning is the same as the acoustic concert timple. It has steel strings and a solid body.

Hábitat explores the musical traditions of the islands as well as influences from other parts of the world. It also contains a strong environmental conservation message. Hábitat features numerous guests, including Kepa Junkera, José Luis de Madariaga, Olga Cerpa, Claudia Álamo, Rogelio Botanz, Ventor de la Guardia, Ignacio Fernández, Bis González, Chago Melián and Esther Ovejero.

Beselch Rodríguez with his acoustic and electric timples
Beselch Rodríguez is a young musician from the island of Tenerife. He was born in San Cristobal de La Laguna and is one of the leading musicians of the new generation of timple players in the Canary Islands. His musical style is a fusion of timple with other musical instruments, combining Canary Island roots music with global sounds.

A self-taught musician, Beselch Rodríguez began playing the timple at age 12. Although he started as a folk musician, he soon formed his own band, playing contemporary folk music, rooted in traditional music.

In 2007, Beselch Rodríguez recorded his first solo álbum, “In-diferente”, which featured Polo Ortí as a guest. In 2011 he released Hábitat, where he defends the preservation of the islands.

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