Mundial Montreal to Showcase Some of the Best of World Music from Canada

Mundial Montreal, a new world music conference and festival, begins tomorrow, November 15th, in Montreal, Canada. The gathering celebrates Canada’s rich cultural diversity through a variety of performances. Organizers have created an unprecedented community network of partners and presenters from across the country with a common goal: to develop touring opportunities nationally, and beyond.

Montreal is one of the most important and active world music markets in North America. Some of the most influential and invested organizers in the field will come together to discuss where things stand over 20 years into the evolution of the world music “brand”.

Tuesday, November 15

21:30 Alejandra Ribera L’Astral
22:15 D’Harmo L’Astral
23:00 Elage Diouf L’Astral

L’Astral – 305 Ste-Catherine Ouest

Wednesday, November 16

Schedule 2

18:00 Toto & Rafael Café Campus
18:40 DRUMHAND Café Campus

21:00 Juan Sebastian Larobina Club Lambi
21:30 Kabakuwo Club Balattou
22:00 Roberto Lopez Project Club Lambi
22:30 Kae Sun Club Balattou
23:00 Kobo Town Club Lambi
23:30 Alpha Yaya Diallo Club Balattou
00:00 Wesli Band Club Lambi
00:30 Bombolesse Club Balattou

Café Campus – 57 Rue Prince Arthur Est, Montreal, QC H2X
Club Lambi – 4465 BOUL. St.-Laurent
Club Balattou – 4372 BOUL. St.-Laurent

Thursday, November 17

21:00 Carlos Placeres Petit Campus
21:40 Locarno Petit Campus
22:20 Autorickshaw Petit Campus
23:00 Aline Morales Petit Campus
23:40 The Battle of Santiago Petit Campus

Petit Campus – 57 Rue Prince Arthur Est

Friday, November 18

12:00 Colin Stetson Jello Martini Lounge
12:45 Karim Saada Jello Martini Lounge
13:30 Alpha Thiam Jello Martini Lounge

20:00 Jorane* Théâtre Outremont

Jello Martini Lounge – 151 Rue Ontario Est
Théâtre Outremont – 1240 Avenue Bernard

* The ticket for Jorane show is on sale for $34+tax

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