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Cecilia Gauna - Aliento
Cecilia Gauna

Aliento (STM030, 2011)

One of the great discoveries of the year is Argentine singer-songwriter and composer Cecilia Gauna. She has a new album titled Aliento which shows her in striking body paint that was used by the indigenous Selk’nam tribe of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina). The Selk’nam used to wear the body paint for the Hain, an impressive and very complex ceremony of initiation.

On Aliento, Cecilia Gauna uses a wide variety of Latin American rhythms, ranging from Argentina to Peru and Brazil, incorporating Argentine folk, tango, jazz, rock and electronic music elements. But it is her outstanding vocals that totally captivate the listener. She can easily transition from fiery Afro-Latin and tribal pieces to superb intimate songs.

Aliento (Breath) is Cecilia Gauna’s second work as a composer and songwriter, with eleven songs for which she wrote both the lyrics and music. Some of her songs relate to Lola, the last Selk’nam shaman of Tierra del Fuego, and Hermógenes Cayo, a sculptor nicknamed “Leonardo de la Puna.” Aliento, however, has primarily a poetic and philosophical background that inquires about the meaning of our mission in life.

The line-up on the album includes Cecilia Gauna on vocals; Mariano Fernández on piano and keyboards; Juan Pablo Ferreyra on guitars; Taty Calá on bass and double bass; Matías Furió on percussion instruments and drums.

Watch a live performance of the opening track, ¿Dónde está la voz?

Aliento is an impressive album of contemporary South American folk music by a formidable Argentine vocalist and composer.

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