Bayside Rocks Music & Arts Festival to Feature Reggae and Global Sounds

Bayside Rocks Music & Arts Festival will be held on Saturday November 19, 2011 at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. The program will include reggae, Latin American and Haitian music, and more.

In addition to a special tribute to the life of Bob Marley and 50 years of Wailers music, this year’s Bayside Rocks will feature reggae headliners Bunny Wailer and The Original Wailers. Also hitting the stage is a unique group of artists whose musical brilliance is eclipsed only by its message of love and hope.

I carefully selected this lineup because every artist has devoted his life to spreading a message that is consistent with my purpose,” said Rockaz Mvmt president and CEO Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks. “We are all striving to change the world for the better by empowering people to make a positive difference through the universal language of music.”

The program includes the following artists:

Cultura Profética: a Puerto Rican reggae band with lyrics that center mostly on socio-political and ecological issues.

Pato Banton, who sometimes invites his fans to join him in a prayer circle after the show and is committed to helping people “stay positive and never give in.”

Connis Vanterpool, who is a brilliantly talented musician who has worked with scores of international artists but is most proud of his involvement with the volunteer work he has done in the community, providing free music workshops at various elementary and secondary schools.

Tabou Combo: its vocalist and main songwriter Fanfan said, “We want people to dance and forget their sorrows.” And while there is no doubt that Tabou’s music is made for dancing, it also features lyrics that focus on social issues of the day.

Gondwana, from Chile, has been spreading the word of Jah Love, standing tall and strong in a peace-loving position of musical and lyrical creation.

And according to artist Luciano, “We are all children of the Most High God and I just want my family and my fans to receive the blessings that God has given.”

The Wailing Souls’ Lloyd ‘Bread’ McDonald adds to this, “Apart from the musical aspect of what we are doing, we see it as a very spiritual thing. Whenever you start singing, everyone come together. The bad guys come together, the good guys come together, everybody come together. The rich people, poor people, like one. The message what we a try to preach is love and unity.”

Our ultimate goal is to uplift the spirit and inspire people of every ilk to give of themselves to help make the world a better place in which to live,” said D’Niscio Brooks. “We’re accomplishing this task by spreading art, culture and music while raising money to end poverty, feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.”

This year’s concert will include a food drive benefiting Curley’s House, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for low-to-moderate income individuals, families, the elderly, youth-at-risk, the abused, and HIV/AIDS infected individuals by providing the nutrition they need. Guests will be asked to contribute two or more cans of food as part of the cost of admission.

Given the philanthropic nature of this event, we’re inviting all civic minded companies to join us as sponsors,” D’Niscio Brooks said. “It’s a great way to get your name in front of tens of thousands of people while ensuring that hundreds of thousands of dollars are donated to a very worthy cause.”

The “island festival” of tents will feature new products, special drinks, foods, art, and more. In addition there will be a non-profit village with a host of foundations offering information, art & crafts village, food vending village, green partners explaining the benefits of going green, workshops, bounce houses for children, skateboard show, a BMX bike show, Geen Mobility hosted bike valet, YOGA in the park, eco village, compost village, farmers market, Rock Star VIP lounge. Recycling bins will be placed throughout the venue along with signage alerting attendees to the importance of recycling.

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