Buzuki Orhan Osman Releases Turkophony

Buzuki Orhan Osman - Turkophony
Orhan Osman is the messenger of a new music movement with his latest CD, ‘’Turkophony’’ (Golden Horn). With this album, Orhan who is from Greece with Turkish roots, is bringing a fresh, new perspective to traditional Greek bouzouki through his unique technique, style and virtuosity, inspiring widespread praise from around the world.

‘’Turkophony‘’ began as a vision of Orhan in 2007. Inspired by the collaboration with such important musical personalities as Dave Weckl, Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Mor Karbasi, Thomas Kennedy, Eric Levy, Kai Eckhardt, Sean Rickman and Stavros Pazarentsis, the CD was recorded in Turkey, United States, and Greece, and was mastered by Bob Katz.

Orhan believes that the flood gates are now open for a truly multicultural music in Istanbul. He’s found the magic key to unlock the music of Turkey – through the gathering of the best cosmopolitan musicians whose experience in a multitude of genres allow them to interact organically with each other. Like his fellow musicians, Orhan has also been inspired by the diverse geography and richness of natural colors inherent to Istanbul.

With this international project, Orhan has succeeded in creating perhaps the most exciting blend of Turkish motifs with his own compositions and arrangements that can be found anywhere. Turkophony is an album that has come about as a result of this inspiration. Due to his virtuosic ability on his instrument, Orhan Osman is now known in Turkey as “Bouzouki Orhan.” He learned his phenomenal technique and unusual musical patterns through contact with musicians from so many different cultures living in Istanbul, which he has been able to integrate seamlessly in his own works.

Author: Tom Orr

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