Argentine Poet and Tango Rock Innovator Hugo Estevez Dies at 48

Peche (Hugo Estevez)
Singer-songwriter Hugo Estevez, better known as Peche, died Saturday, October 2nd, stabbed by a neighbor while he was walking his dog. Peche was a leading figure in the contemporary tango crossover scene. His band Buenos Aires Negro was a pioneer in the fusion of tango music with rock and electronics.

Buenos Aires Negro was formed in 1997 by Peche (Hugo Estevez) and Ricardo Culotta, who were seeking a new sound that would express the darker side of Buenos Aires. Their first CD was titled Turra Vida, released in 2000. It was followed by Sol de Once, produced by Chango Farias Gómez. “There is a lot of improvisation in what we do, I come from a jazz background, Peche had a rock band, and the same goes for the rest,” said Ricardo Culotta in an interview. “The songs are heavy in themselves and the lyrics increase their restiveness. Our proposal has to do with reclaiming what is black in tango.”

The latest line-up of Buenos Aires Negro included Hugo “Peche” Estevez (vocals), Ricardo Culotta (trumpet), Pablo Yanis (bandoneón), Coqui Carbonero (electric guitar) Peche’s son Nicolás Estevez (Spanish guitar), Pablo Gimenez (trombone), Santiago Cariboni (bass), Juan Pablo di Leone (flute), Hernan Fernandez (percussion), and Federico Gil Solá (drums).

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