“El Otro Lado de Colombia – The Other Side of Colombia” at the Hearst Plaza Stage in New York

Sexteto Tabala
The Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) is set to present Heritage Sunday, a rousing program showcasing the musical traditions of the often unrecognized communities of Colombia. Presented in collaboration with Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Heritage Sunday will take place from 1:00pm-5:30pm at the Hearst Plaza Stage on Sunday, August 7, 2011.

In its 13th year, Heritage Sunday at Lincoln Center Out of Doors is an annual event that celebrates cultural traditions from around the world and found in New York City. In honor of the United Nation’s declaration of 2011 as the International Year of African Descendents, this year’s Heritage Sunday will showcase the diverse musical traditions of the African descendents found throughout the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Colombia, and in the thriving immigrant communities of Colombian artists found in New York City. And in a fortuitous twist of fate, Heritage Sunday falls on August 7th, which commemorates Colombia’s Independence Day.

As a little known fact, Colombia comes in third, only behind Brazil and The United States, respectively, as having the highest population of people of African descent outside of the African continent.

On August 7th, Heritage Sunday seeks to entertain and educate audiences about the rich, yet little-known traditions from Colombia that permeate the cultural landscape of New York. In addition, to commemorate CTMD’s newest project, Heritage Sunday will be held in conjunction wit FolkColombia Música y Danza , CTMD’s current Community Cultural Initiative, a project dedicated to preserving, promoting and presenting Colombian performing arts traditions in New York City.

Some of the featured artists on Heritage Sunday’s 2011 program, entitled El Otro Lado de Colombia – The Other Side of Colombia, include New York-based artists Rebolú showcasing the fiery, percussive rhythms from the Atlantic Coast and Diego Obregón y Grupo Chonta alighting the stage with irresistible marimba music from the Pacific Coast.

Grupo Rebolú
The program’s featured headliner is the charismatic ensemble Sexteto Tabalá, masters of Afro-Colombian son. Making their U.S. debut direct from San Basilio de Palenque, a small village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and a designated UNESCO Heritage Site, Sexteto Tabalá promote the traditions of their ancestors- runaway African slaves who founded and populated the remote village now known as “the first free town in America.”

Heritage Sunday will take place at the Hearst Plaza Stage, located on the Lincoln Center campus near 65 Street between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. As an outdoor concert venue, admission is free and seating will be available on first come, first served basis.

For more information, please visit www.ctmd.org.

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