Journey Around the Sun

Strunz & Farah - Journey Around The Sun
Strunz & Farah

Journey Around the Sun (Selva SV-CD 1016, 2011)

It’s taken guitar duo Strunz & Farah four years to record a new album and it was worth the wait. Journey Around the Sun will please guitar fans with its intricate patterns and masterful combination of Latin American, Middle Eastern and flamenco influences.

Journey Around the Sun ventures deeper into the Middle Eastern sounds with the participation of Iranian instrumentation performed by Keyavash Nourai (Kamancheh), Ali Tavallali (tombek and tambourine) and Majeed Ghorbanian (tombek and tambourine). Strunz & Farah are backed by a powerful rhythm section composed by experienced Cuban musicians: Carlos del Puerto (bass), Jimmy Branly (percussion) and Luis Conte (percussion). In addition, there is masterful flute work by Rob Hardt.

Journey Around the Sun showcases beautiful works composed by two outstanding guitarists happily at work.

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