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Cachao - The Last Mambo

The Last Mambo (Eventus, 2011)

The Last Mambo is a deluxe two CD set that contains essential recordings from Cachao’s last performance. The recording was made on September 22nd of 2007 at the Ziff Opera House in Miami, to celebrate Cachao’s 80 years as a musician.

Cachao was 89 at the time and in failing health, but he still showed his masterful style as a bassist. The legendary Cuban musician and mambo pioneer was joined by his large orchestra called Mambo All-Stars as well as special guests, including vocalists, who are some of the biggest names in tropical Latin music: Issac Delgado, Hansel, Lissette, Lucrecia and Willy Chirino; and renowned instrumentalists such as violinists Federico Brito and Alfredo de la Fé; conguero Cándido Camero; percussionist Orestes Vilato, flautist Dave Valentin and hard salsa trombonist Jimmy Bosch.

Musicians in the Mambo All-Stars included Israel “Cachao” Lopez as Musical director and bassist; Federico Brito: conductor and violin; Alfredo Valdéz Jr. on piano; Kwizo Fumero on trumpet; Rafael “Tata” Palau on saxophone; Edwin Bonilla on congas; Alvaro León on bongos; Gerardo Peña on flute; Anthony “Tony” Columbié on backing vocals; Daniel Palacio on backing vocals; Andrés Trujillo, Gerardo Aguillón, Alvaro Rojas, Mariana Carreras, Gustavo Correa, and Gregory Carreño, José Montoto, Ana Ventura, Victoria Stepanenko, Otto Avalas, Svetlana Forte, Aron Martinez, Monica Cheveresan, Pedro Pino, Fidel Garciá, Raisa Ilivtovich, on Violins; Viera Borisova, Andrea Oliveira, David Riker, and Jacqueline Moore on Violas; Dan Petrescu, Arthut Abnet, Elizabeth Vazquez, and Alain Orbíz on cellos.

The Last Mambo contains Cachao’s trademark mambo as well as several fiery descargas (Latin music jam sessions). Song titles include: CD 1: ‘Marianao Social’, ‘Africa Viva’, ‘Buenaventura’, ‘Los Tres Ases’, and ‘Isora Club’. CD 2 contains: ‘Descarga Cachao’, ‘Descarga Cándido’, ‘Lluvia, Viento y Caña’, ‘Dos Gardenias’, ‘Obsesión’, ‘El Cuarto De Tula’, ‘Son Las Dos, Rosa’, and ‘Yambú’.

Cachao was credited with being one of the founding fathers of the captivating mambo, which was responsible for bringing great fame to Cuban music. “The musical legacy of Cachao will trascend our tiem and borders…To me, it was an honor to produce his last concert during his 80th anniversary and to have this musical gem today as part of his discography,” said Nelson Albareda, president of Miami-based Eventus.

The Last Mambo completes the indispensable discography of mambo and descarga pioneer Cachao, one of the great legends of Cuban music.

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Author: Angel Romero

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