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Felonious Bosch - Toy Box
Felonious Bosch

Toy Box (Omnium Records OMM 2047, 20100

Felonious Bosch has released an intriguing album titled Toy Box. The boundary breaking album includes a mix of original eccentric folk with a punk attitude, as well as pieces from various European cultures, including Medieval Spain and France and folk music from Hungary.

Felonious Bosch is a six-piece band from Minneapolis-Saint Paul, an area known to Americans as the Twin Cities. Members include two women and four men led by vocalist and songwriter Katy Thomasberg and music composed by Scott Nieman.

The whole concept behind Felonious Bosch is rather mysterious, with cryptic lyrics by Thomasberg, music that may suddenly change direction, and an album package with unusual illustrations by D.C. Ice, known for her ‘frighteningly wonderful’ artwork.

For additional mystery, the liner notes are not easily visible. You have to pop the enhanced CD into a computer to find a media file that contains extra goodies like a live video of Felonious Bosch playing the song “Baby Sly,” full recording session credits, and high-quality MP3 copies of all the songs.

Felonious Bosch includes Renée Bracchi on drum kit and percussion; Steve Clarke on saxophones and flutes; Drew Miller on bass guitar; Scott Nieman on bouzoukis, cittern, guitar, and melodies; David Stenshoel on violin and saxophone; and Katy Thomasberg on lead vocals, overtone singing, and lyrics.

Toy Box is a box of musical surprises by some of the most talented and unconventional musicians in the Twin Cities area.

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