Album of the week: The Magical Light of Saba from the Light of Saba Band

Cedric Brooks - Magical Light of Saba
Welcome to another GondwanaSound round the world music adventure fasten your seatbelts and prepare for contrasting sounds as we travel to Jamaica, India, Sarawak, Senegal and the grasslands of China. We have a very special album of the week, the The Magical Light of Saba (Honest Jon’s) from a true Rasta band led by experimental saxophonist Cedric Im Brooks.

He and his musicians introduced African percussion and instrumentation to Jamaica. His days in Philadelphia with Sun Ra can be heard in his approach as can his fascination with Ethiopian music. Yet all the while the rasta rythms and the nyabinghi drumming are never far away. But we start where we left off with the track we cut short causing complaints….so here they are Yaaba Funk and Nyash e go bite you

1. Amadou and Mariam – M’Bif Balafon – Dimanche A Bamako – Because – Mali
2. Yaaba Funk – Nyash! Y Go Bite You – Afrobeast – Yaabaphone – UK/Ghana
3. Light of Saba Band – Africa – The Magical Light of Saba – Honest Jon’s – Jamaica
4. Dr Jayanthi Kumeresh – Mysterious Duality – Mysterious Duality – EarthSync – India
5. Tusau Pedan – Dediet Tapong Kitan (Male Dance ) – Masters of the Sarawakian Sape – Pan Records – Sarawak
6. Dave and Mark – Banjo Thing – self published –
7. Light of Saba Band – Ethiopia Tikdem – The Magical Light of Saba – Honest Jon’s – Jamaica
8. Mulatu Astatke – Faram Garam – New York Addis London The Story of Ethio Jazz – Strut Records – Ethiopia
9. Les Frere Guisse – Yero Maama – Yaakar – Monslip – Senegal
10.Hanggai – Gobi Road – He Who Travels Far – World Connection – China
11. Light of Saba Band – Jah Light it Right – The Magical Light of Saba – Honest Jon’s – Jamaica

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Author: Jill Turner

Jill Turner contributes to Songlines Magazine, World Music Central and is on the fRoots critics albums of the year panel. Her radio show GondwanaSound broadcasts on Sheffield Live! 93.2FM to the fourth largest city in the UK and is carried on both Radio Groovalizacion and African Internet Radio.


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