Natacha Atlas and Basha Beats Release Video Titled Egypt Rise To Freedom Mix

Natacha Atlas - Photo by Hege Saebjornsen
In the wake of the events in Egypt, Natacha Atlas and her producer/arranger Samy Bishai have created a new remix and a video in solidarity with the Egyptian people. Atlas has Egyptian ancestry and her current partner, violinist Samy Bishai, grew up in Egypt.

This is a remix of material from “Mounqaliba,” say Natacha & Sami. “We were inspired to do this by the news from Tahrir Square.”

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned earlier today, ending his 30-year-reign. “My fellow citizens. In this difficult time that the country is going through, President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak has decided to relieve himself of his position as president and the Supreme Military Council has taken control of the state’s affairs. May God protect us,” said Egypt’s Vice President, Omar Suleiman. The Egyptian armed forces have taken temporary control of the country’s leadership.

Egypt: Rise to Freedom

Here’s a translation :

Mubarak : “My fellow citizens..A fine line lies between freedom…and chaos.”

Natacha :

    “Let us stand together and awaken ,

    Let us question, learn and study;

    Listen, understand and think.

    Let us understand,

    Permit us to know-

    Permit us to know freedom.

    Let us know there is a land

    where words are the purveyors of truth,

    heads are held high,

    And human will is regarded above all.

    Where the world is not split into a thousand fragments,

    Under siege, forgotten, or lost –

    Let us perceive of it,

    Let us know that place.

    Let us know our land,

    where words are the purveyors of truth.

Mubarak : “My fellow citizens..A fine line lies between freedom…and”

Crowds: “May Hosni Mubarak Fall!!”>>

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