Chinese Flautist and Composer Guo Yue Releases White Jade

Chinese musician and composer Guo Yue has released a new album titled White Jade

Best known for his extraordinary collection of bamboo flutes, which resonate with the wild force and fragile beauty of nature, the quietly translucent white jade flute marks a new departure for Guo Yue – modern, minimal, and beautiful beyond words. As Yue explains: ‘White jade represents peace, it is very spiritual… When I play it, I feel myself in another place… Compared to my bamboo flutes, the white jade is cooler, heavier and quietly mesmerizing – less direct, more secretive, both sensual and sophisticated. You don’t want to ever be parted from it.’

At times alone, in thoughtful solos that touch on philosophy, abstract melodies and elusive images, at other times the white jade flute is accompanied by Guo Yue’s bamboo flutes, zheng (Chinese harp), voice, guitar and bells – recorded in London and Beijing. ‘White Jade (Bai Yu) is the simplest solo album I have ever made.’ Guo Yue

Guo Yue is a renowned virtuoso of the dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) and bawu (Chinese free reed pipe). He was born in Beijing, China and as a young boy experienced the Cultural Revolution.

In 1982 Yue left China and, with the help of his third sister Yan who was living in England, he studied the silver flute at the Guildhall School of Music. He plays many kinds of the bamboo flute and currently lives in London. His other great love is cooking, and he often combines cookery with flute playing at his concerts.

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