Index on Censorship Publishes Issue on Music Censorship

Smashed hits 2.0
Smashed hits 2.0
Index on Censorship, Britain’s leading organization promoting freedom of expression, will publish a magazine issue on music censorship titled ‘Smashed hits 2.0’ on September 8, 2010.

The issue is produced in collaboration with Freemuse and will feature interviews with Daniel Barenboim, Lapiro de Mbanga, Femi Kuti, an article by Freemuse founders Marie Korpe and Ole Reitov and a short novel by the English novelist, reviewer and columnist, Will Self.

The title is a reference to an issue which Index on Censorship published in 1998 in connection with the 1st World Conference on Music Censorship. Since then social media and the use of internet has exploded and even changed the censorship environment.

The 1998 issue of ‘Smashed Hits’ is still available from: Index on Censorship: Smashed Hits The Book of Banned Music

Cover of ‘Smashed Hits’ which was published in 1998

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