Beside the Sun by Murat Ses

Murat Ses - Beside the Sun
Murat Ses – Beside the Sun
Murat Ses

Beside the Sun (Clou Records Clou-009, 2010)

Beside the Sun by Murat Ses is ‘real’ global music, incorporating a myriad of world music sounds (Anatolian, Turkish timbres along with Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian, Native American) all dominated by an aura of Anatolian/Levantine music. Very accessible, danceable, with pulsing, pumping groove garnished with some electronic “saz, davul and zurna” playing.

Murat Ses, a veteran of modern Anatolian music dubbed as ‘Father of Anadolu Pop’ worldwide was featured in some renowned U.S. mags lately. Synthie riffs rolling like ‘saz’ licks, due to Murat’s use of Anatolian microtonal tuning, evoke this feeling all the way thru the album. ..and what does the album title mean?

Beside the Sun or Sun Dog or Parhelia or Mock Sun is an amazing atmospheric phenomenon. It’s a luminous halo on either side of the sun. For Murat Ses this phenomenon can be easily translated to interactions and forms of appearance in diverse cultures. The humanity is the source of all as the sun here is. We are the common denominators even if we would not admit. As an artist, he tries to find out musical aspects world cultures have in common. The album has thirteen tracks and has a total duration of sixty-one minutes.

Visible Light, Ongaku, Whirlwind, Nananana, Sounds Crazy with vocals by Kcentric, Ramona Graham and Riyu Konaka are only some of remarkable tracks.

All artwork/liner notes are created by ÖpBe who has been designing and supplying thematic ideas to all  albums by Murat Ses. The music has been composed and recorded during his stays in the U.S.A. (St. Augustine, Miami and Orlando), Austria and Turkey (Bodrum), enriched by Murat’s microtonal synthesizer performances and additional vocal contributions.

Murat’s high quality network of international friends contributed to this album, talented vocalists/musicians from the USA (Ramona Graham, Elaine Schoendorf, KCentric, Panu Moon, spinningmerkaba), UK (Azoora, MTG aka CaramelG), Netherlands (Abhi S.V.) Canada (Barbarella, Lisa Patric, Brad), Japan (Riyu Konaka), Latin America (C Dala/Nego Elias from Brazil).

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