The GondwanaSound Report, August 11, 2010

World Music Central and GondwanaSound have entered into an intercontinental collaboration. We will be exchanging news and articles. GondwanaSound is the radio show on Sheffield Live! 93.2FM produced by Jill Turner, who many will recognize as one of World Music Central’s collaborators and a contributor to the excellent Songlines world music magazine.

Since many of GondwanaSound’s listeners are on vacation, Jill and her team have decided to broadcast a summer special to be repeated over the August weeks, a Tropicalia retro afrique mix of some of their favorite tunes.

New items on the GondwanaSound website include:

Jill’s article on the Musiport festival was subbed down and published in Songlines magazine this month. You can read the full article on the GondwanaSound website with links to the Songlines version.

GondwanaSound will be giving away two pairs of tickets to Musicport in a September competition, stay tuned to the radio show and web site for details.

If you want to check out the broadcasts you can always catch them on the podcasts:

GondwanaSound has also linked up with the internet radio station Groovalisation who will be repeating our Sheffield Live broadcasts and have a strong base in Latin America.

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