First set of WOMEX 2010 World Music Showcases Announced

womex-250WOMEX 2010 organizers revealed the first set of artists selected to showcase at the world music conference. With over 700 proposals to squeeze into a mere three dozen Showcase slots, the WOMEX Jury’s work was cut out for them and many hours were spent discussing countless high quality proposals.

Once again WOMEX worked together with Sonicbids’ online listening platform to ease the selection process for the Jury. One of the members of the jury, Peter Hvalkof, Roskilde Festival, says: “If we had no chance to listen to the stuff on Sonicbids before the Jury meeting, our job would be much harder, and it would not be fair to the artists.”

Artists selected:

  • António Zambujo (Portugal)
  • Bomba Estéreo (Colombia)
  • Cheny Wa Gune Quarteto (Mozambique)
  • Desert Slide (India)
  • DJ Scratchy (UK)
  • Kamel el Harrachi (Algeria/France)
  • Kobo Town (Trinidad & Tobago/Canada)
  • LaBrassBanda (Germany)
  • Malick Pathé Sow & Maoba (Senegal/Belgium)
  • Mamer (China)
  • Matthias Loibner (Austria)
  • Mercedes Peón (Spain)
  • Nathalie Natiembé (La Réunion)
  • Oudaden (Morocco)
  • Papa Wemba (DR Congo)
  • Samba Chula de São Braz (Brazil)
  • Svetlana Spajic Group (Serbia)
  • Tremor (Argentina)

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