Rare New York Appearance of Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble

Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble
Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble
The Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble makes its Alwan debut Saturday, June 26t, in an evening of Ottoman classical instrumental and vocal music, along with Turkish folk and Arabic contemporary compositions, including original works by their late teacher, Oud master and composer Udi Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian.

The Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble has performed at venues throughout New England, the East Coast and the Midwest, including such prestigious institutions such as the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago and enjoyed the honor of being invited to perform at the 2009 Chicago Arabesque Festival.

The Ensemble has shared the stage in Istanbul, Turkey with the Kemani Serkan Ensemble and the Rumeli Meyhane Fasil Ensemble. In 2008, Ensemble oud player and vocalist Amos Libby appeared onstage as a guest percussionist with the legendary Gypsy clarinetist Selim Sesler in Istanbul.


Amos Libby – Oud and Vocals

Steve Gruverman – Clarinet

Eric LaPerna – Riqq, Duff and Tabla


Saturday, June 26

9pm, doors open at 8:30.

At Alwan for the Arts

Tickets: $15, at door or online (with small service charge)

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