Diwali Gold Edition Released

 Diwali: Gold Edition
Diwali: Gold Edition
On May 25th Greensleeves Records releases Diwali: Gold Edition. Diwali is a festival of lights and shines with dancehall’s brightest stars. Originally released in 2002 as Greensleeves Rhythm album #27: Diwali, produced by Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden, the riddim fueled some of dancehall’s biggest hits. The Diwali riddim is the basis for international hits by Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, Lumidee and Wayne Wonder together for the first time in this package.

The beat; characterized by syncopated clapping, was named for its Bollywood, dance music influence. The rhythm has been featured in TV commercials via Sean Paul’s “Get Busy”. After a long hiatus, Greensleeves re-introduces the ‘best of’ the Diwali riddim on Diwali Gold Edition.

Track Listing:

1. Sufferer – Bounty Killer

2. Get Busy – Sean Paul

3. Uh Oh…Never Leave You – Lumidee

4. No Letting Go – Wayne Wonder

5. Can’t Touch Me No More – Tanya Stephens

6. Ruffest & Tuffest – Assassin

7. Party Time – Danny English & Egg Nog

8. Elephant Message – Elephant Man

9. Galang Gal – T.O.K.

10. Respect Yuh Wife – Cecile

11. Overcome – Wayne Marshall

12. Gonna Fight – Spragga Benz

13. Inna –Degree

14. Zumjay – Zum Jay

15. Girls Buss – Anthony B

16. Make It Real – Crissy D

17. Bubble & Wine – Hawkeye

18. Alright For You – Bling Dawg

19. It’s OK – Mega Banton

20. Dem Ago Hard – Madd Anju

21. XM24 Version – Lenky

22. Diwali – Lenky

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