More Singles from the Golden Age of Reggae, Reggae Disco Mix Showcase Volume 5 Released

 Reggae Disco Mix Showcase volume 5
Reggae Disco Mix Showcase volume 5
VP Records gives Reggae connoisseurs a double shot on May 4th with the release of Reggae Disco Mix Showcase volume 5. This collection of hits features 11 re-mastered Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson produced 12” singles from the golden age of Reggae (1977-82). Featuring some of the greatest singers, deejays and musicians that pioneered reggae music into the well know genre we know today: Junior Murvin, Sammy Dread, Ruddy Thomas, Junior Vibes and many more.

Track Listing:
1. Ring Craft /Dreader Mafia – Earth & Stone w/ Snuffy & Wally

2. Su Su Pon Rasta / Stop Su Su Pon The Dread – Naggo Morris & Trinity

3. Burn Babylon / Don’t Trouble Natty Dread – Sylford Walker & Trinity

4. Let The Power Fall / Give I Power – Carl Brown & Prince Mohammed

5. Time Stiff / Time so Rough – Junior Murvin& Trinity

6. Sweet Sensation / Sweet Drum & Bass – Carol Gonzales & Paddy Roots

7. Being With You – Ruddy Thomas w/ Joe Tex & U-Black

8. Playmate aka Bum Ball / Scorcher – Home T. Four & Delroy Jones

9. Dreadlocks Girl / She Never Love Me – Sammy Dread & Tappa Zukie

10. Captain Selassie / Under Me – Icho Candy & Errol Scorcher

11. The Man In Me / Loving Galore – Junior Vibes & U-Mike

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