Putumayo Presents: Latin Party

Various Artists -  Putumayo Presents: Latin Party
Various Artists – Putumayo Presents: Latin Party
Various Artists

Putumayo Presents: Latin Party (Putumayo, 2010)

Putumayo’s compilation Latin Party is a great opportunity to sample some of best contemporary acts that blend Latin roots music with other musical forms including boogaloo (bugalú in Spanish), funk, Colombian cumbia, Cuban son, salsa, and Jamaican dancehall and ska. Call it hybrid or mestizo music, the fact is that there are many innovators out there who are able to provide fun and edgy dance music.

The album includes Cuban expat Raul Paz, who blends Colombian cumbia with his native Cuban music on “Buena Suerte.” There no Cuban acts based in Cuba included in the Latin Party and this is probably due to the archaic embargo that prohibits American companies from doing business with Cuba.

The New York-based multiethnic band Yerba Buena features another Cuban expat, singer Xiomara Laugart. They provide an explosive mix of Afrobeat, retro boogaloo and Afro-Latin beats.

Colombia has been producing some of the finest salsa in recent years. The South American country is represented by two salsa acts, the renowned Fruko y Orquesta, who plays a cumbia in this occasion, and Orquesta Lo Nuestro. Another Colombian band, Coffee Makers, mix Colombian beats with reggae and ska.

British band Ska Cubano performs a blend of Jamaican ska and Cuban son on “Yiri Yiri Bon (Dancehall Mix).” Another British group, The Quantic Soul Orchestra plays an Afro-Cuban instrumental piece titled “Regi Bugalú.”

A.B. Quintanilla III (Selena’s brother) & Kumbia Kings featuring Ozomatli plays a pop piece inspired in Mexican cumbia (Colombian cumbia became popular in Mexico and became a popular pop genre).

Renowned percussionist Luis Mangual y Su Conjunto Mangual provides a superb example of Cuban son made in New York City.

Modern salsa is also represented by lively Peruvian sonera Cecilia Noël. Other artists featured include Brooklyn Funk Essentials, who play a captivating mix of salsa, jazz and hip hop, and France-based Mas Bajo.

The CD liner notes also feature a drink recipe by Food Network chef Daisy Martinez and an appetizer recipe by leading Mexican chef Patricia Quintana, owner of renowned Mexican restaurant Izote.

Putumayo Presents: Latin Party  is a cosmopolitan melting pot of exhilarating Latin music styles and some of the latest musical trends.

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