Vallenato Star Diomedes Díaz Releases Listo Pa’ La Foto

Miami, USA –  “Listo Pa’ La Foto”, the new landmark release by popular Colombian artist Diomedes Díaz, marks the artist’s return to the recording studios to bring his fans an original album with the very best of traditional Colombian folklore.
 “El Cacique de La Junta” comes back accompanied by leading accordion player Álvaro (“Alvarito”) López. This unique duo joins forces to bring all the spirit and joy of their native Colombia to the entire world, like only they can.

All the songs in the new Sony Music Latin release were meticulously chosen by the artist and the album’s producers to ensure that the lyrics and the music reflected the very essence of the traditional Colombian folklore.

Gustavo Gutiérrez, Aurelio Núñez, Luis Durán, Jorge Valbuena, Edilberto Daza, Romualdo Brito and Marciano Martinez are some of the leading composers credited in this exclusive release, which also features the song “Señor Maestro”, a tribute to the late musician Rafael Escalona.

Listo Pa’ La Foto”comes just in time to celebrate Diaz’s nomination to the Latin GRAMMY as vallenato’s leading performer, and the top selling vallenato artist in his native Colombia.

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