Influential Nicaraguan Folk Musician and Painter Salvador Cardenal Barquero Dies in Managua

Salvador and Katia Cardenal
Salvador and Katia Cardenal


Salvador Cardenal Barquero, a widely-respected musician, writer, painter and environmentalist passed away on Monday, March 8, 2010 at the Alejandro Davila Bolanos Hospital in Managua, Nicaragua, with complications from Cryoglobulinemia. He battled this debilitating blood disease for some time, enduring kidney and bone marrow transplants during his struggle. Through it all, he never abandoned his compelling music, art, spirit and love of the environment.

Since 1979, Salvador and his sister Katia Cardenal, as Duo Guardabarranco, sang original and inspiring songs of nature, love and hope touring the world in over 30 countries and recording 8 albums together.

Sharing stages with Jackson Browne, Pete Seeger, Mercedes Sosa and many other thoughtful world musicians, they brought glimpses of their Nicaraguan homeland and their vision of a better and more peaceful world. A Guardabarranco is the national bird of Nicaragua which, if caged, will die.

His struggle and passing is a loss for Nicaraguan music, his family and to many friends throughout the world, but his music, love of living things and free spirit will endure.

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