Cretan Lyra Virtuoso Kelly Thoma Releases Anamkhara

Kelly Thoma - Anamkhara
Kelly Thoma – Anamkhara
Kelly Thoma’s debut album entitled Anamkhara has been recently released by Seistron Music. The word Anamkhara derives from the Irish Gaelic language and means “friend of the soul”.

All of the tracks on the CD are composed and arranged by Kelly Thoma, who is one of the core members of Ross Daly’s “Labyrinth” ensemble for the past ten years. Her chosen instrument is the Cretan lyra which she plays in her own unique way, reflecting the rich experience which she has gained in Labyrinth through her collaborations with master musicians from various countries.

The sound of many bowed instruments in combination with the exceptional percussion work of Zohar Fresco is the hallmark of the album. Four other significant musicians of international stature participate on the album, Efrén López on the zanfona (hurdy gurdy), Pedram Khavar Zamini on the Iranian tombak, Ahmet Erdoğdular with a vocal improvisation in the Turkish gazel style, and Ross Daly on the tarhu and Cretan lyra.

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