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Baaba Maal - Photo by Tyrone Le Bon
Baaba Maal – Photo by Tyrone Le Bon
Senegalese star Baaba Maal has launched, an online interactive art piece that maps out global media consumption by time and location. Users are invited to submit screenshots of their television, computer or PDA monitors to the database, which is then displayed across a world map to create an ever-changing visual, depicting trends in media viewing across the globe throughout the different hours of the day.

The project is run in partnership with and users from all corners of the Earth are encouraged to participate. The hope is that this community-based project can bridge the gaps between continents and cultures as the new media revolution offers us an unprecedented opportunity for a global exchange of ideas.

Television is the first Baaba Maal studio album from the iconic Senegalese musician. Co-produced with New York’s Brazilian Girls, the album blends subtle electronic dance elements with West African musical traditions. As he has made clear, Baaba Maal’s mission in West Africa extends beyond his music. He is committed to the concerns of families, young people and the future of the continent, as is reflected in his role as Youth Emissary for the United Nations Development Program.

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